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Lucille Grace turns O N E…

Dear Lucille,

You are O N E!

Wow has this year flown by so fast.


I still clearly remember the day you were born! It’s so vivid in my mind yet details so blurry…how can a past event feel like that?I felt as though i have blinked and you are now a little toddler… at the time of writing this its already 8 weeks past your birthday.

IMG_0833 IMG_0717 IMG_0846






But now you are 16 months as i publish this…I know, I know….such is the life of a mother that these kind things are hard to update!! I’m trying to be more consistant!

You still aren’t really saying much other than MUM MUMMA…DAD DADDA….and recently added to your vocabulary…

“Bock Bock”

as in a chicken says “Bock Bock”.

And your favourite word is “YOOK”! as in “LOOK!” as you point at everything.

oh and the usual – yelling, moaning, squawking…which we all are highly fluent in interpreting “Lucy Speak”

BUT you are strong….physically strong. You came out a chubba bubba and you have remained with a bigger butt and thighs than your 3 year older sister!

You have the moves like Jagger… you love to dance.

We love putting on music and watching you come alive! You spin….shaking one shoulder up and down is your current signature move…and trying so hard to jump but your chunky little feet won’t leave the ground just yet…maybe a few more months baby girl.

You love a party…you love people – perhaps growing up in a house with 8 people and being the littlest one with everyone doting on you – everyone at your beck and call – helps a long way with that!

You are a smart little cookie….already taught yourself how to get down off our back deck safely so you can roam free in your beloved backyard of builders junk! You’re in your element when cruising around doing your own thing in the back yard…climbing the large sand stone rocks your daddy has stored…or trying to climb the scaffolding he has piled up…or taunting the chickens by standing at their fence holding your biscuit in your chubby little fingers.

We celebrated your baby dedication and birthday in one bang….mostly because i just didn’t want to have to organise 2 events! What a weekend…. both your sisters were so sick that we don’t have any photo’s of them!! It was just you little one that day!

We are so honoured to be entrusted with your precious little life. You are a sweet little thing and we just know that God has his hand on your life and you will achieve great and wonderous things in your lifetime.


Much love to you on turning the big O N E…


Mumma loves you. XO


{Thanks to the beautiful Sara Eshu of Sara Something Photography for capturing our Little Lucille’s special day.}













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